The Russia CityPass - Your Sightseeing Pass To Russia


Advantages of the Moscow CityPass

With the Moscow CityPass you can visit more than 40 city’s museums for free, skip the lines, explore the city with the red double-decker bus Moscow City Sightseeing and get unforgettable experience from the best Moskva-river cruise Radisson Royal. These brilliant white ships with the restaurant aboard are available during the whole year.

Apart from the Moscow CityPass plastic card you will get a pocket guidebook with the description of all of the objects, that are included to the program. You will find infornation about additional discounts in bars, cafes, restaurants, taxi, bicycle rental and other.

To plan your time more effective use the citymap with the information about the location of museums, bus stops and moorings. With the Moscow CityPass you save not only money, but your time. You can skip the line to the most popular museums of the city: find the icon "Fast track" in the guidebook or on the website.

The guidebook Moscow CityPass, which you can also download on the website, is available in Russian, English, Italian and Chinese languages. You can find only Russian-English version on the website.

The calculations of one ticket price to the museum or an excursion shows, that you save till 70% with the CityPass. Discounts and bonuses are waiting for you in restaurants and cafes. You are also getting bonuses ordering a taxi and more, specified in specific website’s sections and in the guidebook.

Activation of the card and discounts

The activation of the card begins with the first use and it is available for one day (24 hours), three days (72 hours), and five days (120 hours) days: it depends on your choice. You can use the Moscow CityPass during the year after buying it.

Show your plastic card and tear-off coupon to a waiter, as you decided to get a discount in restaurants or bars. Discounts are not valid without the plastic card or a tear-off coupon. To get a discount for bicycle or car rental find the section "Transport" on our website. We advise you to use Aeroexpress trains that are available on the website to get to the center of the city from the airport. Buying the aeroexpress offer on our website, you will get the additional QR-code on your voucher*. Use this QR-code at the turnstile bypassing ticket-offices and long lines.

*A voucher is a confirmation document with an individual number. It is a guarantee, that you can change it to the CityPass.

You can visit every object included to the program, but no more than once during the activation period – 1 day (24 hours), 3 days (72 hours) and 5 days (120 hours). You can use tear-off coupons till the end of the year. Discount coupons are available only with the guidebook and plastic card shown together.

Excursions and museums

Information about museums and excursions included to the Moscow CityPass program is written on the website sections "Museums and galleries" and "Excursions". To get detailed information click the object of interest. Information is available in the guidebook and citymap of the Moscow CityPass.

Opening hours and contacts details are specified under the description of every object. Clarify the working hours during the public holidays in advance.

River excursion in Moscow are available during the whole year. You can take a trip on the Moscow River snow-white icebreaker-ship during the winter time. You can travel the red double-decker bus during the whole day with the Moscow CityPass. Everyday excursion Moscow Free Tour in English language is also available with the Moscow CityPass (the beginning at 10:45).

Purchase of the Moscow CityPass

You can choose the most comfortable way for you to buy the Moscow CityPass:

1. Non-cash payment. Use the shopping cart on our website, using bank card or payment system PayPal or UnionPay;

2. Cash payment. You can order a delivery by a courier or buy the CityPass on your own in one of the sales point.

When buying the CityPass on the website please fulfill all the fields. As a payment is made, you will get the voucher per your e-mail. You can exchange it by your own in one of the pick-up areas, for instance in the GUM-department on the red Square, or order the courier delivery.

What is voucher? A voucher is a confirmation document with an individual number. It is a guarantee, that you can change it to the CityPass. If you order a courier delivery, specify the address, contact details and time, that is comfortable for you to get the CityPass

You can use the courier delivery, choosing the option «Courier Delivery», making an order. Wait for a courier next day after ordering to the address that you wrote in the field. Please, write your contact details in case the courier needs to connect you. The service cost is from 450 rubles.

You can take the CityPass by your own. You can shoose the option «Self-delivery» and get the CityPass in one of our pick-up areas: just choose one of the most suitable areas, making your order.

Our cards are always available for you.You can call us in advance per phone +7 966 344 15 08 or write to the e-mail We provide our clients with additional discounts and bonuses by making a large order.

General issues

You can give the Moscow CityPass back during 14 days after buying. In case of damage of the box, it will not be refunded.

In case you did not find the answer to your questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us per e-mail or via phone. Write a letter to the e-mail or call during the working hours per phone. For Russian citizens 8 (800) 333-99-11 (free for Russian numbers only), for foreigners +7 (966) 344-15-08. You will be answered all of your questions.