What CityPass is

A free entry to the best museums, free river, sea and double-decker bus sightseeing tours. Included in the package are a guide, a city and a metro map.

What it is for

It is simple. The most interesting sights have been picked out for you - just open your guide and decide what you would like to visit. It saves money. It’s much cheaper than buying all the tickets separately. It’s convenient. You no longer have to queue.

How to buy

After you buy a CityPass on our website, you receive an e-voucher,which you can exchange for a CityPass at any pickup area in Moscow and St. Petersburg. We also offer courier delivery.

how to use

The CityPass is activated once it has been scanned for the first time at a museum, on a tour bus or on a ferry. It is valid for 24h/48h/72h/120h, depending on the type of the CityPass.

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