City tour with the Virtual Reality "Moscow has never been built"

This tour will be the first one in Russia to offer you the opportunity to look at the city through the VR glasses. Using VR/AR (virtual and augmented reality) technology, we transport you to a parallel universe, where history has taken a completely different path. You’ll witness the streets and squares of Moscow dive birth to the most utopian architectural projects of the twentieth century, and see the wildest dreams of Russia architectural genius fulfilled.

What you will see:

  • The Palace of Soviets on the site of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. It would long have remained one of the tallest buildings on Earth, with a hundred-meter-high statue of Lenin at its apex.
  • Stalin’s eighth skyscraper on the site of the Zaryadye Park. It was to have been the tallest of the “sisters”, towering above even the main building of the Moscow State University.
  • The headquarters of the People’s Commissariat of Heavy Industry on the site of GUM. You’ll see how Red Square would have looked with three glass skyscrapers and sixteen-story grand staircases.
  • The Palace of Labour on the site of the Moskva Hotel (Now the Four Season Hotel). Herd of mammoths or Constructivist manifesto?
  • You’ll also see an alternative Lenin’s Mausoleum, a skyscraper for the Izvestia printing house, and much more besides.

What you will learn:

  • How Soviet avant-garde architecture came into being, and why it continues to inspire the world today.
  • Who first had the idea for revolving buildings, and where they are being built now.
  • Why Stalin’s eighth skyscraper was never built.
  • What became of plans to raze Moscow to the ground and build it afresh.

Please note!

For booking call by phone the day before your tour. When ordering a tour, please, tell the operator, that you are the owner of the Moscow CityPass card and get a 20% discount*.

*The price is 24 euro with the Moscow CityPass. Payed in roubles at the exchange rate specified by the Central Bank of Russia.

Contacts and location

What else does Moscow CityPass include

Moscow CityPass is a single electronic card for tourists, which include visits to the best museums and excursions, the best deals and discounts.


Free Entry to the all City Sightseeings
Guidebook + city map
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4/5, Nikolskaya Street, Moscow, office 203

Ploschad Revolyutsii
Okhotny Riad

+7(985) 255-5501



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  • Great
    “What to see in Moscow? There are many options. As for us, we went to Pokrovsky Sobor straight after buying CityPass. According to the guidebooks, it is one of the best places to visit in Moscow. We saw Pokrovsky Cathedral on many postcards and knew that it was a religious symbol of Moscow, that’s why it was our first choice. And only then we went to the Kremlin. Being so individual the exterior and interior of St. Basil’s Cathedral are impressive. It’s a true eye candy! We really liked the picturesque view of the Red Square and the Moskva River from the cathedral viewpoint. By the way, using the pass we skipped the line which was great! The line was huge during the FIFA World Cup. Apparently, it is not so easy to get the tickets to St. Basil's Cathedral during the high season. With Moscow СityPass you just need to show it to security guards and they will let you go to the ticket office to validate the pass. Inside the church you can also get an audio guide. Highly recommended!”
  • Great
    Es war supergeil, ich habe viel gesehen. Wie versprochen habe ich viel gespart. Also es war toll, jeder Zeit wieder.
  • Great
    Great oportunity to explore Moscow!! Thank you very much! In addition to the entry to museums, a map and a guidebook we have got a lot of different bonuses.... An audioguide, taxi and sales in cafees :) That was an amazing trip!
  • Great
    Thank you Moscow CityPass for unfogettable time in Moscow! We've bought 2 Passes, for me and my girlfriend. We saved around 90 euros and a lot of time! It was awesome to enter Kremlin and Tretyakov gallery without queues, because threre were really huge queues! And of course discounts in the top restaurants was preety addition :) Recomended to everyone who is going to Moscow ^ - ^
  • Great
    Molto efficace per budgettizzare il costo della vacanza, c'e praticamente tutto quello che vale la pena di vedere per turismo.
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