Festival " Baikal. Magic water" in the Moskvarium

Festival " Baikal. Magic water" in the Moskvarium

From November 9 to December 5, 2019 in "Moskvarium" for the first time will be held a thematic festival " Baikal. Water magic." Guests of the festival will enjoy a large festive program and a series of free educational events dedicated to the deepest lake on the planet.

The holiday is timed to the landmark date-December 5, 1996 by the decision of the 20th session of the UNESCO world heritage Committee, lake Baikal was included in the List of world natural heritage.

The festival will acquaint Muscovites and guests of the capital with the unique ecosystem of Baikal. Everyone will be able to take part in creative workshops, get in touch with the culture of the peoples of the Baikal region, take part in the ecological game, see unique photos and artifacts on the theme of lake Baikal and even look at the endless landscapes of the lake from a bird's eye view.

The main venue of the festival will be the second floor of the aquarium, which will turn into a large-scale interactive zone with thematic expositions and scenic space.

The festival is named after the film "Baikal. Water magic", which will be released on December 26. And almost a month before the premiere, on November 29, there will be a meeting with the creative team — on this day, visitors to the "Moskvarium", acting as one of the partners of this international project, will be able to see the first episodes from the picture. To create the film, 8 expeditions were carried out to Baikal and 6-to other points of the planet. Viewers will see a journey full of adventures, dangers and amazing discoveries through the eyes of a baby seal, the most defenseless, but at the same time a brave inhabitant of Baikal waters. The Russian version is voiced by Konstantin Khabensky and tutta Larsen.

Daily from 9 November to 5 December

10: 00-22: 00 photo Exhibition from the production center "Novoye Vremya", which includes 20 stands with stunning photos of the flora and fauna of the lake, made by the crew while working on the film "Baikal. Water magic." The continuation of the exhibition will be an exposition of clothes, shoes, furniture and cultural objects of the peoples of the Baikal region, collected by the Studio of ethno-dance "BUIN KHAN".

11:00 – 18:00 Interactive zone of the virtual reality of "one Flew over the lake". With the help of special helmets, you can see the panorama of the lake from a bird's eye view in VR 360°format.

On weekdays

11: 00-18: 00 Creative master class "Kings of Baikal" for young visitors on making a crown with symbols of the region.

On weekends

12: 00 Environmental outdoor travel game "Fascinating expedition around Baikal", which will be presented for the first time in Moscow. The author of the game is Maya tropina, Irkutsk writer, biologist and teacher, co-authored by the Irkutsk organization "Association" Protect Baikal together".