With a Moscow CityPass you can visit the most popular museums without queueing

With a Moscow CityPass you can visit the most popular museums without queueing

Moscow CityPass has made an arrangement with the Moscow Kremlin, the Pokrovsky Cathedral (a.k.a. the Saint Basil’s Cathedral) as well as the State Tretyakov Gallery, according to which tourists holding a pass can enter without queueing.

The “fast track” service, which allows you to queue-jump, works differently at each sight. To get into the Kremlin without losing your precious time, go to the ticket windows 10, 11 and 12. Although you can buy tickets at any ticket window, we recommend you go to these, as you are very unlikely to stand in a queue there at all. Once you have bought a ticket, take your pass and go past the queue to the main entrance of the Kremlin, the Kutafya Tower (see the map for details). The entire procedure should take no longer than 5-10 minutes.

In the State Tretyakov Gallery (both in the old building in Lavrushinskiy Lane and in the new building on Krymskiy Val) you simply have to show your Moscow CityPass at any ticket window and they will let you in without queueing.

In the Saint Basil’s Cathedral (a.k.a. the Pokrovsky Cathedral), which is typically quite crowded as well, you have to go around the cathedral and enter through the door for Moscow CityPass customers. It is marked with a company’s logo and you will find it opposite the main entrance.

You can find more information on how the “fast track” service works at a particular sight on our website. Just find the corresponding icon, mouse over it and read the description. Moreover, every Moscow CityPass package includes a printed description of this service.

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