Where to go for the New Year holidays in St. Petersburg?

Where to go for the New Year holidays in St. Petersburg?

Where to go for the New Year holidays in St. Petersburg?

First, let's figure out the current restrictions in the city.

⭕️ Water parks and aquariums are temporarily closed for visitors

⭕️ Suspended the work of museums, exhibitions, theaters and other cultural events in shopping centers

⭕️ Theaters and performing arts organizations are temporarily unavailable for persons under the age of 16

⭕️ In addition, restrictions are introduced on public events in the open air for more than 50 people

⭕️Also, the occupancy of concert halls, theaters and cinemas should not exceed 25% of the total number of seats

⭕️ For catering establishments, there is a ban on visits from 19.00 to 6.00 from 26 to 29 December and from 4 to 10 January, and from December 30 to January 3, their work is completely suspended

⭕️ From December 30 to January 10, museums, tourist bus routes, theaters, a zoo and other cultural institutions are suspended

How then can you get the New Year's mood?

We have several options for creating a New Year's fairy tale in St. Petersburg

The perfect solution to create an atmosphere. A New Year's skating rink in the Sevkabel port space, the Lesnoy skating rink in Okhta Park or a large outdoor skating rink in the Tavrichesky Garden, all of them are suitable for cozy winter evenings.

Decorated city streets
The city is almost ready for the New Year and the streets are gradually beginning to acquire annual festive decorations.

Palace Square
Not far from the Hermitage, the main tree of the city is set up; it certainly deserves the attention of residents and guests of the city. Every year, Palace Square becomes the main New Year's location, 2020-2021 will be no exception