Get around Moscow with a Travelcard

Travelcard (15 rides) + PANORAMA360 Observation deck + SIM-card:

A Travelcard is by far the most convenient option for using public transport in the Russian capital. The Transport card gives you 15 metro, monorail, Moscow Central Circle (MCC) or Land Public Transport rides. One ride per card is equal to one pass on any type of transport. A Travelcard is valid for 5 days starting from the moment of getting your Moscow CityPass. Using your Transport card for the first time won't activate your Moscow CityPass. A Travelcard is valid throughout the territory of Moscow, including Zone B. This is not a personal card, so you can give it to a third person.

Note: Children under 7 years of age can travel for free on Moscow Transport with an Adult holding a valid Travelcard.

It also includes one visit to PANORAMA360, the highest view point in Europe (by the way, metro is the best option to get there) and a SIM-card with free callings around Russia and the Internet at the first 24 hours.

Please note!

A travelcard, PANORAMA360 observation deck, a SIM-card are available only in the "Moscow CityPass with transport".