In the State Historical Museum opened the exhibition “Pearls: treasures of the seas and rivers”

With the Moscow CityPass you can visit one of the main exhibitions of this year. The exhibition gives a rare opportunity to see some of the most beautiful pieces of pearl jewelry and rare natural pearls from Qatar Museums’ collection. More than a hundred pieces of jewelry are in 30 old safes on the second floor of the State Historical Museum. Among other masterpiece objects on show visitors will admire jewelry pieces by Cartier, pearl earrings by BVLGARI worn by Elizabeth Taylor, a brooch designed by the sketch of Salvador Dali, a spectacular tiara of Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria and treasures from other European monarchies. The exhibition begins with an insight into the natural history of pearls and their formation, shedding light on many unknown facts that will amaze visitors. The exhibition displays 50 pieces of jewelry and other examples of pearl craftsmanship made from freshwater pearls born in Central Asia. It includes 20 never-before-shown artefacts specially selected for the exhibition in Russia. It is hosted by the World Diamond Museum at the Exhibition Center of the State Historical Museum in Moscow to October 1.