Russia CityPass now is also in “Cosmos”

Tourist cards “Moscow CityPass” is now available for purchasing on reception in the foyer of the “Cosmos” hotel. World famous V.D.N.H. complex located on the opposite side of the hotel. There you can not only enjoy the legendary exhibition and it’s pavilions, but also visit History Park “Russia - my history” and “Mosquarium” for free with the Moscow CityPass: nice start to explore Russian capital.

“Cosmos” hotel complex was built for service XXII Olympic Games in 1980. Architectural solution is a joint decision of Soviet and French Specialists. Hotel is located in the Green area on the Northeast of Moscow. The great view of V.D.N.H, the Monument to the Conquerors of Space (in Russian: “Pokoritelyam kosmosa”) and “Ideal and Symbol of Soviet era” – “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” (in Russian: Rabochiy i kolkhoznitsa”) monument, opens from here.