Frequently asked questions

Buying a Moscow CityPass plastic card you acquire an opportunity to visit more than 30 Moscow museums for free. Apart from this, you can take a double-decker Moscow City Sightseeing tour and get unforgettable impressions with Radisson Royale Cruise at Moscow river.

Apart from getting a Moscow CityPass Plastic Card, you also get a compact illustrated guide with the description of the main Moscow sights. In the guide you would find detachable coupons attached that would give you an appreciable discount in restaurants and bars of Moscow.

One more advantage of Moscow CityPass is WOW Moscow Map – a folding map of the city with the locations of museums and other tourist attractions.

Our guide and the map contain the full description of tourist attractions in Russian and English. The Italian version is coming!
Museums and excursions included in the program of visits are our partners. Calculating the cost of each visit to the museum and the proposed excursions, you save up to 60%. Buying Moscow CityPass, you invest in the development of culture in our country!