Moscow СityPass and St. Petersburg Pass to merge under a new brand in 2016

The companies’ director Alexander Mityaev told RIAMO, that Moscow Pass and St. Petersburg Pass would be merged under a new brand.

He noted that Moscow Pass and St. Petersburg Pass are up-to-date tourist packages, which not only allow you to plan your entire visit to Moscow and St. Petersburg on your own, but also to save some money and time along the way.

‘We are expecting major changes next year. Firstly, we will have a different name, due to the fact that Moscow and St. Petersburg are not the only cities that want to take part in our program, hence our intention to merge the companies under a new brand. As for transportation, we are currently actively negotiating with “Aeroexpress” and have already reached a preliminary agreement. We have had a substantive discussion with the Moscow Department of Transport, but unfortunately, we have faced some technical problems, though I’m sure we’ll find a solution,’ said Alexander Mityaev.

According to Mr. Mityaev, the CityPass is available both online - on the company’s website - and offline – in the sales offices and tourist offices of the two cities. This year Moscow CityPass and St. Petersburg CityPass launched sales in visa centers in Palermo, Genoa, Milan and Rome. In these cities, the company wants to test-run selling its services abroad.  Moscow CityPass and St. Petersburg CityPass, together with the Federal Agency for Tourism are currently actively promoting their services in China.

‘Furthermore, next year the company will launch sales in visa centers in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our managers sign contracts with prominent foreign travel agencies every week. And it’s worth mentioning that they initiate our partnership,’ Mr. Mityaev added.

‘The sightseeing tours on double-decker buses City Sightseeing and yachts of The Radisson Royal Flotilla are the most popular with tourists. Besides the well-known museums, such as the Moscow Kremlin Museums, the State Historical Museum, the St. Basil’s Cathedral, and the State Tretyakov Gallery Russians like Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve, the Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich, and the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines. Italians on the other hand enjoy the Vodka History Museum in the Izmailovo Kremlin. They are willing to spend quite some time on the road to learn the history of the beverage. By the way, one shot of vodka is included in the price of the ticket,’ said Mr. Mityaev.