Where to buy CityPass

1. Place an order online and receive your Russia CityPass at any pick up area. 

After you have paid for the online order, you will receive an e-voucher with a unique number. Present your voucher at the pick up area and receive your CityPass package.

Payment methods:

  • By a credit card or using PayPal and UnionPay systems (online);
  • In cash or by a credit card at any pick up area;
  • In cash or by a credit card at any point of sale.

2. Place an order and have it delivered. 

We can deliver a prepaid order to hotels, apartments etc. and leave it at the reception desk for you. The service cost is from 300 rubles. When placing and order, please indicate the time and the address to which you want your order to be delivered. If you want to have the order delivered to a third party, please be sure to indicate their name(s) and address(es) in an email: info@rucitypass.com.

3. Purchase a CityPass at one of the points of sale (payment in cash). 

Please be advised that we cannot guarantee the availability of all types of Cards at all the points of sales. To check the availability please contact us at info@rucitypass.com or call us at 8 800 333 99 11 (free for Russian numbers only) / +7 966 344 15 08.

Points of sale in Moscow:

The points of delivery in Moscow:

Points of sale in St. Petersburg:

Outlets in Saint-Petersburg: