How it works Moscow CityPass

How it works

1. Buy online
and print a voucher
2. Exchange a vouch for CityPass
at one of pick up points in Russia
3. Enjoy your journey with CityPass
to all main sights

Moscow CityPass

includes a plastic card, a guide (Russian, English and Chinese languages) and a city map.

The plastic smart card opens doors to all the main sights of the city. Pay once and you won’t need to buy tickets again. To enter a museum/gallery etc. included in the free program simply show the Card at the ticket office. With the Moscow CityPass you can access the most popular sights without queueing. Both in the guide and on the website these sights are marked with this icon:

The Moscow CityPass allows you to visit every tourist sight on the program (not more than once) within the validity of the Card. Choose a card option which is the most suitable for you:

Moscow CityPass 1 day (24 hours);

Moscow CityPass 2 days (48 hours);

Moscow CityPass 3 days (72 hours);

Moscow CityPass 5 days (120 hours).


Moscow CityPass Junior is a touristic card for children under 16 years of age. A kid will get all of the advantages of the full card with a discount of 20 percent: