Moscow CityPass

Moscow CityPass is a Moscow Guest Card and the key to the main sights and a lot more!


What does Moscow CityPass include

Moscow CityPass is a single electronic card for tourists, which include visits to the best museums and excursions, the best deals and discounts.


Free entry to the best places
Guidebook + city map
in russian, english and chinese
Transport pass
for 15 rides
(only for CityPass
with transport)
Without queuing
To the top attractions
The Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin is citadel standing on a high bank of the Moscow River. Here was the residence of grand Russian Tsars and Emperors, now is the official residence of the President of the Russia.

    Address: Kremlin, Moscow Subway: Biblioteka Imeni Lenina
Aleksandrovsky Sad
Phone: 74956954146 Site:
State Historical Museum (main building)

The largest Russian museum was established by the emperor Alexander II of Russia in 1872. The collection of the museum completely reflects Russian centuries-old history and culture from ancient times to the present day.
Please attention to changes of the Museum schedule.

    Address: 1, Red Square, Moscow Subway: Okhotny Riad
Ploschad Revolyutsii
Phone: 74956924019 Site:
State Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery - one of the most famous museums in the world - was founded in 1856 by the merchant, benefactor, collector Pavel Tretyakov, and in 1892 it was gifted to Moscow.

    Address: 10, Lavrushinsky Lane, Moscow Subway: Novokuznetskaya
Phone: 74959511362 Site:
Observation Deck of the Ukraine Hotel

Observation deck of the hotel Ukraine located on the 33rd floor of the historic Radisson Royal Hotel, known also as a legendary Stalin skyscraper, in the heart of Moscow.
With the Moscow CityPass card free entry and one drink*.

    Address: 2/1, Bldg. 1, Kutuzovsky Avenue, Moscow, the main entrance of the Ukraine Hotel, 33rd floor Subway: Kiyevskaya
Phone: 74952298308 Site:
Bus Tour Moscow City Sightseeing

A doubledeck bus trip indeed is the best way to see Moscow. Excursions are available in 8 languages. There exist two possible routes – the red one (№1) and the green one (№2). The tour is available for one day.

    Address: Bolotnaya Embankment, Moscow Subway: Novokuznetskaya
Phone: 74952277996 Site:
Cruise Along the Moskva River with the Radisson Royal Flotilla

Unlike the other tourist vessels, these huge snow-white ships do not cease navigation in winter: they pierce the ice so smoothly that that the waiter can easily pour champagne in tall crystal glasses.A tour is available for visiting only by appointment*.

    Address: Pier «Ukraina» Hotel» (Taras Shevchenko Embankment, Moscow); Pier «Gorky Park» (Gorky Park, Pushkinskaya Embankment, Moscow) Subway: Phone: 74952285555 Site:
Mega Ice Rink

Hockey and ice skating are the national sports. That’s why the ice rink in the AVIAPARK shopping centre is one of the most popular spots for recreational activities for the north of Moscow.
You can rent a pair of skates and enter the ice rink for free with the Moscow CityPass.

    Address: 4, Khodynsky Boulevard, Moscow, AVIAPARK shopping centre, 4th floor Subway: Dinamo
Phone: 79267534688 Site: www.мега-айс.рф
Café Pushkin

"Cafe Pushkin" is the Legendary restaurant of the Maison Dellos. Famous restaurant in Moscow that serves traditional noble cuisine of Russia.

    Address: Tverskoy Boulevard, 26А, Moscow Subway: Tverskaya
Phone: 74957390033 Site:
Turandot restaurant

"Turandot" is an incredible place filled with genuine things that keep memories of a different century. This is one of the main attractions of Moscow. "Turandot" serves the city's best dim sum, Peking duck and sea bass in honey and a croissant with foie gras.

    Address: Tverskoy Boulevard, 26A, Moscow Subway: Tverskaya
Phone: 74957390011 Site:
Moscow Transport (only for CityPass with transport)

Get around Moscow with a Travelcard.
A Transport card "Troika" is valid for 5 days and gives you 15 metro, monorail, Moscow Central Circle (MCC) or Land Public Transport rides.

    Address: 37, Bldg. 1, Gilyarovskogo Street, Moscow Subway: Prospekt Mira
Phone: 74955395454 Site:

Download free Gett application in AppStore or Google Play and get 500 rubles discount for your first ride, using promo code from the Moscow CityPass guidebook.

    Address: 5, Bldg. 2, 1st Derbenevsky Lane, Moscow Subway: Paveletskaya
Phone: 74959990839 Site:
AEROEXPRESS Sheremetyevo airport

Aeroexpress – dynamically developing company-operator, undertaking intermodal passenger transportation. "Aeroexpress" LLC provides a rail link between the capital and Moscow airports.

    Address: Subway: Belorusskaya
Phone: 78007003377 Site:
Anna Slavutina Jewelry Boutique

Anna Slavutina – is a famous Russian jewelry brand.
Jewelry in Russian Style will be certainly the best memories about your journey to the capital.
With the Moscow CityPass card you can get a 15% discount.

    Address: 12, Bldg. 4, Malaya Bronnaya Street, Moscow Subway: Pushkinskaya
Phone: 79255062225 Site:
IZETA Fashion House

IZETA is an unrivalled fashion brand in luxury furs, couture gowns and the most exotic leathers.
With the Moscow CityPass card you can get a 10% discount to the products that are included to the collaborative promotion.

    Address: 1, Rastorguyevsky Lane, Moscow Subway: Barrikadnaya
Ulitsa 1905 Goda
Phone: 79162118795 Site:
Ready-made gift sets – is the service of gift sets delivery. Order gifts for your friends today and get it tomorrow morning when convenient at the reception of your hotel or hostel.
With the Moscow CityPass card you get a 8% discount.

    Address: 5, office 4, District V, Troitsk, Moscow Subway: Phone: Site:
GUM Trading House

The Tourist Informational Center in the GUM is temporarily available on 1st floor, 2nd line near fountain.

Address: 3, Red Square, Moscow, GUM
Timetable: from 10 am to 10 pm
Phone: +7 (966) 344-15-08

    Address: 3, Red Square, Moscow, GUM, 1st line Subway: Ploschad Revolyutsii
Okhotny Riad
Phone: 79663441508 Site:
Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Address: 12, Kuznetsky Most Street, Moscow
Subway: Kuznetsky Most (line 7), Teatralnaya (line 2), Lubyanka (line 1)
Timetable: from 11 am to 9 pm everyday
Phone: +7 (495) 628-45-15

    Address: 12, Kuznetsky Most Street, Moscow Subway: Kuznetsky Most
Phone: 74956284515 Site:
Craft rePUBlic


Address: 9, Bldg. 7, Maly Gnezdnikovsky Lane, Moscow
Subway: Tverskaya (line 2), Pushkinskaya (line 7), Chekhovskaya (line 9)
Sun-Thu: from 2 pm to 12 pm
Fri-Sat: from 2 pm to 2 am
Phone: +7 (965) 112-66-71

    Address: 9, Bldg. 7, Maly Gnezdnikovsky Lane, Moscow Subway: Tverskaya
Phone: 79651126671 Site:
Media Center in the Zaryadye Park

Gift Shop

Address: 6, Bldg. 1, Varvarka Street, Moscow
Subway: Okhotny Riad (line 1), Teatralnaya (line 2), Ploschad Revolyutsii (line 3), Kitay-Gorod (line 6 and 7)
Mon: from 2 pm to 9 pm
Tue-Sun: from 10 am to 9 pm
Phone: +7 (495) 531-05-00

    Address: 6, Bldg. 1, Varvarka Street, Moscow Subway: Kitay-Gorod
Ploschad Revolyutsii
Okhotny Riad
Phone: 74955310500 Site:
Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Address: 12, Kuznetsky Most Street, Moscow
Subway: Kuznetsky Most (line 7), Teatralnaya (line 2), Lubyanka (line 1)
Timetable: from 11 am to 9 pm everyday
Phone: +7 (495) 628-45-15

    Address: 12, Kuznetsky Most Street, Moscow Subway: Kuznetsky Most
Phone: 74956284515 Site:

How to use Moscow CityPass

Acquiring the Moscow CityPass, you get travel guide and the map of Moscow city. During the validity period of the CityPass you can visit each museum, excursion and ice rink once.

The CityPass is activated from the moment of the first visit of any museum, bus or a ship. Discounts and special offers are available also after the end of the CityPass validity period.

1 After the order has been paid you will get the voucher to the email you have entered in the order. The voucher can be exchanged for a CityPass in one of the pickup points or at the courier.
2 You can use your CityPass at any moment until the 31.12.2019. Voucher could be exchanged in the period of 3 months from the date of payment.
3 Using the Moscow CityPass card you can visit each museum, ship or ice-rink once, and to ride bus during the whole day.
4 The CityPass is activated at the moment of the first visit of any object included in the free program.
5 Come to a ticket desk (somewhere you can do it without queue) and show your Moscow CityPass card.
6 Using the Moscow CityPass card you can get discounts or compliments in restaurants, bars, cafes and boutiques, and even on a taxi and bike rental.

Save with Moscow CityPass

Suggested Moscow Citypass itinerary:


The Moscow Kremlin

Museums on the red square
(St. basil’s cathedral, State historical museum, Museum of the patriotic war of 1812, museums of the Zaryadye park)

City Sightseeing Moscow Bus Hop-on Hop-off (1 day)

Cost without Moscow CityPass






Bunker-42 (The Cold War Museum)

Radisson flotilla

Observation Deck of the Ukraine Hotel

Cost without Moscow CityPass







The Kremlin in Izmailovo
(Vodka History Museum, Museum Of Bread, Weapons museum, “World History In Plasticine”, The Living Museum Of Folk Arts)

Sсhusev State Museum of Architecture

PANORANA360 Observation deck

Cost without Moscow CityPass





Without Moscow CityPass you will spend $190

Save more then $81


*The pricing may vary depending on exchange rate

Attractions 40
Tours 7
Entertainment 1
Restaurants and cafes 32
Transport 7
Fashion 2
Souvenirs 1
Pick up points 8
Sale points 22

Questions and Answers

Buying a Moscow CityPass plastic card you acquire an opportunity to visit more than 30 Moscow museums for free. Apart from this, you can take a double-decker Moscow City Sightseeing tour and get unforgettable impressions with Radisson Royale Cruise at Moscow river.

Apart from getting a Moscow CityPass Plastic Card, you also get a compact illustrated guide with the description of the main Moscow sights. In the guide you would find detachable coupons attached that would give you an appreciable discount in restaurants and bars of Moscow.

One more advantage of Moscow CityPass is WOW Moscow Map – a folding map of the city with the locations of museums and other tourist attractions.

Our guide and the map contain the full description of tourist attractions in Russian and English. The Italian version is coming!
Museums and excursions included in the program of visits are our partners. Calculating the cost of each visit to the museum and the proposed excursions, you save up to 60%. Buying Moscow CityPass, you invest in the development of culture in our country!
  • Great
    “What to see in Moscow? There are many options. As for us, we went to Pokrovsky Sobor straight after buying CityPass. According to the guidebooks, it is one of the best places to visit in Moscow. We saw Pokrovsky Cathedral on many postcards and knew that it was a religious symbol of Moscow, that’s why it was our first choice. And only then we went to the Kremlin. Being so individual the exterior and interior of St. Basil’s Cathedral are impressive. It’s a true eye candy! We really liked the picturesque view of the Red Square and the Moskva River from the cathedral viewpoint. By the way, using the pass we skipped the line which was great! The line was huge during the FIFA World Cup. Apparently, it is not so easy to get the tickets to St. Basil's Cathedral during the high season. With Moscow СityPass you just need to show it to security guards and they will let you go to the ticket office to validate the pass. Inside the church you can also get an audio guide. Highly recommended!”
  • Great
    Es war supergeil, ich habe viel gesehen. Wie versprochen habe ich viel gespart. Also es war toll, jeder Zeit wieder.
  • Great
    Great oportunity to explore Moscow!! Thank you very much! In addition to the entry to museums, a map and a guidebook we have got a lot of different bonuses.... An audioguide, taxi and sales in cafees :) That was an amazing trip!
  • Great
    Thank you Moscow CityPass for unfogettable time in Moscow! We've bought 2 Passes, for me and my girlfriend. We saved around 90 euros and a lot of time! It was awesome to enter Kremlin and Tretyakov gallery without queues, because threre were really huge queues! And of course discounts in the top restaurants was preety addition :) Recomended to everyone who is going to Moscow ^ - ^
  • Great
    Molto efficace per budgettizzare il costo della vacanza, c'e praticamente tutto quello che vale la pena di vedere per turismo.
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